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In January 2022, I packed up my things and put them in storage, so I could spend a little time traveling. Well, it's now two years later, still going and I'm now living the nomad life....


2023! Wow, it flew by. This has been the second year of nomad life.


My travels in 2022 brought me to 8 states and 11 countries, all by way of visiting friends and a lot of friends of friends, Servas and Workaway. All new connections that have made this year feel so big and expansive. And lucky! After a month or two of living out of a suitcase, I realised that I didn’t especially want to settle down right away but wanted to keep traveling to see where I might eventually want to land. So I sold everything and am back on the road.


Along the way, I taught a workshop in Greece, attended Bonfire Night festivities in Hastings; worked on a farm on an island in the Hebrides; read tarot cards for people on trains and boats; visited countless museums; saw Rembrandt’s House in Amsterdam; painted a mural for the primary school on the Isle of Rum in Scotland; attended the wedding of an old friend on Bainbridge Island in Washington; visited the beach on both coasts, attended the Dallas Art Fair, and saw so many good friends, made so many new friends. And family.


As for work, it’s yielded a few new chapters - Along with my fellow artist, astrologer and great friend Annette Luycx, we taught a workshop at the Iris Art Centre in Greece - Art, Tarot & Astrology, offered again in September of 2023.


I’ve also launched another site,, for private readings, sessions, and classes in Tarot. This is something I’ve been studying, practicing for over 25 years, and now have begun  offering it professionally.

Speaking of the world of Card reading (and all things mystical and metaphysical), I also am working on a collaboration with Koenigsfurt-Urania Publishers to produce a new deck of LeNormand cards for reading - The Lenormand de Paris. All the images are paintings based on imagery in Paris, the corresponds to the symbolic meanings of each card.


This Spring and Summer, as I continue my travels, I’ll be participating as an Artist in Residence at a wonderful retreat in Belgium, Koningsteen. They are offering The Kolibrie Retreat, “a new time-out initiative of Koningsteen, a trusted and beloved place for personal development and re-sourcing for 25 years. It is an invitation to slow down for a few days, relax and take a conscious breather for yourself.” As part of this program, guests have the opportunity to create in their Atelier, which I will help to guide.


2023 will include Scotland, (the Isle of Rum, twice!) Hastings, Barcelona, Afidnes, Mechelen and will see where else I wind up. I will also be hosting some pop-up art workshops in Europe, along the way, stay tuned :)

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Please contact me if you’d like to meet up out in the wild

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